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Three Big Signs a Destination Wedding is Right For You

When my fiancé Matt and I got engaged, we debated many options for our wedding:

Did we want a big, traditional church wedding?
A small, quirky farmhouse affair?
No wedding at all? (Hey, eloping is low stress!)

After weighing the choices, a destination wedding was at the top of our list.

We aren’t the only ones.  According to The Knot, 21% of weddings in 2019 were destination weddings. Is a destination celebration right for you? Here are three signs to find out.

Three BIG Signs a Destination Wedding Is Right For You

  1. You Want a Smaller Guest List
    Don’t want to invite everyone and their Aunt Sally? A traditional guest list can quickly spiral out of control, causing tension and stress. If you envision a more intimate celebration of close family and friends, a destination wedding can limit the guest list without much conflict.

    Worried about leaving someone out?  Compromise with a casual, at home celebration upon your return.
  2. You Have a Limited Budget 
    It seems counter-intuitive, but a destination wedding can actually help control costs.

    The average cost of a traditional at-home wedding has skyrocketed to nearly $32,000, excluding a honeymoon. The average cost of a destination wedding? Only $20,000, though many do it for much less (including me!).

    How can a destination wedding help you save? First, limiting the guest list automatically saves on food, alcohol and entertainment costs.  Second, a destination wedding offers a romantic scenic backdrop, reducing the costs of décor, flowers and other additions.  Finally, combining a destination wedding with an extended honeymoon consolidates travel costs and saves money.

    If you have concerns about controlling costs for your guests, a travel agent is essential. Distance, the availability of direct flights, a resort’s distance from the airport and nearby entertainment options all contribute to your guests’ share of the travel bill.  A skilled travel agent can suggest locations that are affordable for guests of all ages and incomes.
  3. You’ve Been To A Dozen Boring Weddings and Want Something Unique
    Oh look, it’s the same Pinterest Wedding. Again. Sound Familiar?

    A destination wedding is a great way to express your unique personalities. But don’t limit your thinking to the beach! For destination locales, choices abound:
    • Love the beach, great food and the sun? A remote upscale location with gourmet chefs and beautiful scenery is a great choice.
    • If you and your fiancé are the active, athletic or outdoorsy type, an Alpine ski wedding might be just the (lift) ticket.
    • Prefer something historical or a bit more high-brow? A beautiful European setting with a lush garden might be for you.

Did any of these Three Big Signs appeal to you?

For all of the reasons above, my fiancé and I chose a beautiful location in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Nearly 60 friends and family will celebrate with us next April. Whatever you decide, communication is key. It is vital to ensure that you and your mate are on the same page about what type of celebration is right for you and your guests.

At Alpaca Your Bags, we cater to the low-key brides and grooms who want a unique way to celebrate their commitment to each other. If your style is more “party” than “prissy,” let’s get started!

Ashley Morris

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