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Non-Discrimination Policy

We are committed to creating a culture that reflects the diversity of our clients. With that goal in mind, we encourage our employees and our partners to understand, accept and celebrate differences among people.  We welcome everyone and prohibit all discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, age, religion, physical ability, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender.

Consumer Protection: Know Who You're Working With!

I am a Certified Travel Associate (CTA), having earned my designation from The Travel Institute, the oldest and most respected non-profit certification organization in the travel industry. These credentials require that I have at least 18 months of travel industry work experience, completed rigorous certification and testing and continue to fulfill stringent education credit requirements each year. Much like an accountant or doctor with their respective credentials, my CTA designation means I am committed to upholding the highest standards of my profession while providing expert advice to my clients.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Updated May 14, 2020): Thank you for choosing to partner with Alpaca Your Bags Travel! To ensure that you understand the conditions of your particular vacation and components, please review the following policies and procedures completely. It is your responsibility to read these conditions prior to making a payment. Providing payment constitutes your complete understanding of all terms and conditions pertaining to your travel arrangements.

DEPOSITS AND PAYMENTS: ALL DEPOSITS AND PAYMENTS ARE 100% NON-REFUNDABLE UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED! Please consider Travel Insurance to protect your vacation investment.

RESERVATION NAMES - PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK BEFORE PAYMENT! For international travel, booking name must match your passport exactly (first, middle, last, Jr., Sr., etc.), no exceptions. For information regarding passport applications or renewals, please visit the U.S. Department of State website . Alpaca Your Bags Travel is not responsible for disruptions in your travel plans due to travelers providing incorrect information.

PASSPORTS: Everyone, including children and infants, MUST have a VALID passport book to travel internationally (not Passport Card!). Failure to comply will result in denial of boarding, no refund, no exceptions. Alpaca Your Bags Travel is NOT responsible for passports in ANY way. Most international destinations require that your passport be valid for 6 months beyond your return date. PASSPORT CARDS ARE NOT VALID FOR TRAVEL INTERNATIONALLY VIA AIR! It is the traveler’s complete responsibility to check and verify any and all passport, visa, vaccination, or other entry requirements of your destination(s),

FUTURE PAYMENTS: To make future payments using your card on file, please email us with the amount and the last 4 digits of your card number. If you need to change your card on file at any time, please use the link: https://www.alpacayourbags.com/payments.html

FINAL PAYMENT: The final payment MUST be received by the due date. No payments are made automatically; you must communicate with your travel advisor to ensure payment is made before the due date. Alpaca Your Bags Travel is not responsible for cancellations due to payments made after this date. Late fees may apply.

LATE FEES: Final payments not received prior to the due date above will incur a $50 late fee. Payments that are greater than 14 calendar dates late will be charged an additional, incremental $50 late fee. All reservations are subject to cancellation and hotel penalties as described above if final payment is not received on the due date. Late fees are not covered by the travel insurance and are always non-refundable.

CHANGES TO RESERVATIONS: ANY changes made to your existing room reservation are subject to the current rates, promotions, and terms at the time of change. If the number of individuals occupying a room changes, the remaining travelers will be responsible for any additional costs incurred as a result of the change in the per-person occupancy rate. An administrative change fee of $50 will be assessed in addition to travel supplier fees. This fee is per change and will double to $100 for changes made within 30 days of travel.

CANCELLATION FEE: If a trip is completely canceled, travelers will be charged a $50 administrative fee per room booked. This is separate and incremental to any fees or penalties levied by the travel supplier. Regarding Airline tickets: if Alpaca Your Bags Travel booked your tickets, they are 100% non- refundable and subject to individual airline penalties/fees (see insurance below).

DECLINED PAYMENTS: A $15 fee will apply when a card is declined more than three times for a single payment. If you are using a debit card, please confirm that the proposed charge will be within your daily charge limit and transaction limit. Please contact your card issuer for more details.

MEXICO TRAVELERS ONLY: The Mexican government has implemented an Environmental City Tax for tourists as follows: o Hotels within Riviera Maya- Environmental Tax of $20 Mexican Pesos (approximately $1.10 USD) per room, per night will be charged and can only be collected upon hotel check in. They cannot be paid in advance. Hotels within Cancun and Puerto Morelos- Environmental Sanitation Tax of $30 Mexican Pesos (approximately $1.60 USD) per room, per night will be charged and can only be collected upon hotel check in. They cannot be paid in advance.

TRAVEL DOCUMENTS: One set of printed travel documents will be sent to the lead passenger on each booking approximately two weeks before travel. It is the travelers responsiblity to review the documents and communicate details to other members in their party. If you would prefer to have eDocs only, please let us know and we can send digital copies only. Additional document packages can be mailed for a $15 charge per packet.

RETURNED DOCUMENTS CHARGE: It is the travelers' responsibility to inform us of address changes as documents will be mailed to the address on your booking. If documents are returned, we are happy to re-send documents for a $15 charge. You may also opt for eDocs only.

CREDIT CARD CHARGES: Client understands that Alpaca Your Bags Travel has relationships with many travel supplier partners; charges on the client's credit card statement may appear as Alpaca Your Bags Travel or as the name of a preferred supplier partner. Client understands that he/she shall be liable for any and all charges placed on credit cards in the event such charges are declined or charged back for any reason including any unauthorized or fraudulent use of my credit card. Agency shall not be responsible for any losses or damages associated with the fraudulent use of credit card and client shall hold Agency harmless from any and all losses, damages or claims of any kind arising from or connected to the fraudulent use of credit card,

AIR TRAVEL: Flight details including departure times are always subject to change by the airlines. It is the travelers’ responsibility to check in for the flight 24 hours in advance and reconfirm all gates and times. It is also the travelers' responsibility to arrive at the airport on time; we recommend arriving no later than two (2) hours prior to your scheduled flight departure time. We are required by law to tell you that ¨Federal law forbids the carriage of certain hazardous materials, such as aerosols, fireworks, and flammable liquids, aboard the aircraft. If you do not understand these restrictions, contact your airline or go to http://www.faa.gov/about/initiatives/hazmat_safety.

BAGGAGE FEES: Due to continual changes in airline baggage policies it is suggested that you inquire with your airline's website for up-to-date fees & information. Alpaca Your Bags Travel is not responsible for additional fees incurred for baggage or seating. BAGGAGE FEES ARE NOT PART OF AN ALL-INCLUSIVE PACKAGE!

TRAVEL INSURANCE: Alpaca Your Bags Travel encourages the purchase of Travel Protection Insurance. Travel Insurance can help minimize the monetary loss incurred due to unforeseen events such as: cancellation, missed connections, baggage loss, trip delay, and especially medical emergencies. Travelers who opt out of insurance coverage will be asked to sign a waiver indicating that they decline coverage. This waiver must be received by Alpaca Your Bags Travel before the reservation can be completed. If you do not purchase travel insurance, there are no refunds of any kind, including deposits.

TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS: Passengers with prior criminal convictions are responsible for ensuring that they are not restricted by the laws of the country to which they are traveling. For example: Passengers with DUI/DWI convictions may be prohibited from traveling to Canada. Passengers traveling without proper documentation or meeting destination requirements may be denied boarding or entry to an international destination and will not be entitled to a refund.

TRAVELING WITH CHILDREN: Children under 18 years of age not traveling with both parents or legal guardian(s) may need to present a notarized letter from the absent parent/guardian granting permission to travel outside the United States and provide emergency medical care if necessary. Please refer to our website for more information and sample letters. Alpaca Your Bags Travel is not responsible for lack of compliance to provide proper documentation to airport authorities. It is the responsibility of the traveler & the traveler’s parents/guardians to provide proper documentation to airport authorities.

TRAVEL SAFETY: Alpaca Your Bags Travel has no special knowledge regarding the financial condition of the Suppliers, unsafe conditions, health hazards, weather hazards, or climate extremes at locations to which you may travel. For information concerning other possible dangers at destinations, Alpaca Your Bags Travel LLC recommends contacting the Travel Warnings Section of the U.S. State Department at (202) 647-5225 or www.travel.state.gov. For medical information, Alpaca Your Bags Travel recommends contacting the Centers for Disease Control at (877) FYI-TRIP or www.cdc.gov/travel. You assume full and complete responsibility for checking and verifying any and all passport, visa, vaccination, or other entry requirements of your destination(s), and all conditions regarding health, safety, security, political stability, and labor or civil unrest at such destination(s). It is the traveler's responsiblity to know, understand and follow the rules and regulations established by travel supplier partners including but not limited to airlines, transportation companies, hotels, resorts and tour operators. You hereby release Alpaca Your Bags Travel from all claims arising out of any problem covered in this paragraph.

USING DEBIT CARDS DURING INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL: Your resort or hotel will require a credit card upon check in for any incidentals. We do NOT recommend the use of debit cards for hotel check ins as the hotel will place a "hold" on your debit card that may restrict the use of your funds. This hold can stay on your debit account as long as 10 days post travel. Please contact us with questions regarding the use of debit cards in foreign countries. A credit card is recommended for international travel.

RESORT CHECK IN: The check in time at most resorts is 3:00pm (local time). If you arrive prior to 3:00pm your room may not be ready. The resort will store your luggage in a secure location on property so you may start enjoying your vacation without delay. Change into something more comfortable and enjoy a nice lunch, swim in the pool, walk along the beach, etc. until you are notified that your room accommodation is ready for check in

RESORT DRESS CODE: Your resort likely has a dress code for some restaurants. Residents of most Caribbean and Latin American countries tend to dress more formally for evening meals. This may be reflected in your resort's dress code. It is the traveler's responsibility to confirm specific dress code details for their particular destination. The information below may be used as a GUIDE only. Specifics for your resort or hotel can be found on the resort website. Please ask if you have questions!

Breakfast & Lunch: Typically are resort casual - check your resort's website for details
Dinner: Gentlemen are typically asked to wear long pants and closed toed shoes in some restaurants. Check your resort's website for details.
Note to ladies: Be conscious of swimwear/coverups at breakfast and lunch. If your coverup is short or revealing, the resort may ask you to dress differently for meals. Wet swimsuits are never allowed in restaurants.
Dress codes can change frequently and will vary by restaurant. Be prepared with long pants, but please re-confirm the dress code for each restaurant when you check in.

SARGASSUM UPDATE: Some beach locations in Mexico and the Caribbean have recently experienced Sargassum seaweed. While Sargassum can be an inconvenience, this natural phenomenon is important to the oceanic ecosystem. Sargassum provides a food source and shelter to a variety of marine and plant species (shrimp, crab, birds, fish, turtles and whales). Three species of sea turtle, some endangered, rely on Sargassum mats as nurseries for their eggs. Sargassum also helps to provide a barrier for beach erosion and can be used as biofuel and landfill. In short, it can be annoying but it is also vital to the ocean landscape that we love. It is a seasonal occurrence and shouldn't ruin your vacation.

STRAWS: Many cruise lines and resorts are phasing out the use of straws to protect our environment. If a straw is a must-have for your frozen cocktail, pack a few straws in your luggage (bonus points if they are paper straws).

HONEYMOON & ANNIVERSARY TRAVELERS: You MUST bring a copy of your marriage certificate to qualify for any complimentary honeymoon/anniversary package (photo copy is recommended). Failure to have such proof of marriage will result in the resort denying these complimentary privileges (if applicable). PLEASE notify your Alpaca Your Bags Travel agent if you are celebrating a Honeymoon or Anniversary so that they can annotate this in your reservation. Typically resort will honor these packages up to 30 days before or after your honeymoon/anniversary date.

DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY: This travel agency is acting as a mere agent for suppliers in selling travel-relatedservices, or in accepting reservations or bookings for services that are not directly supplied by this travel agency (such as air and ground transportation, hotel accommodations, meals, tours, cruises, etc.). This agency, therefore, shall not be responsible for breach of contract of any intentional or careless actions or omissions on part of such suppliers, which result in any loss, damage, delay, or injury to you or your travel companions or group members. Unless the term "guaranteed" is specifically stated in writing on your tickets, invoice, or reservation itinerary, we do not guarantee any of such suppliers' rates, bookings, reservations, connections, scheduling, or handling of personal effects. Travel agent shall not be responsible for any injuries, damages, or losses caused to any traveler in connection with terrorist activities, social or labor unrest, mechanical or construction failures or difficulties, diseases, local laws, climatic conditions, criminal acts or abnormal conditions or developments, or any other actions, omissions, or conditions outside the travel agent's control. Traveler assumes complete and full responsibility for, and hereby releases the agent from any duty of, checking and verifying any and all passport, visa, vaccination, or other entry requirements of each destination, and all safety or security conditions at such destinations, during the length of the proposed travel. For information concerning possible dangers at international destinations, contact the Travel Advisory Section of the U.S. State Department. For medical information, consult the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. By embarking upon his/her travel, the traveler voluntarily assumes all risks involved in such travel, whether expected or unexpected. Traveler is hereby warned of such risks, and is advised to obtain appropriate insurance coverage against them. Traveler's retention of tickets, reservations, or bookings after issuance shall constitute a consent to the above, and an agreement on his/her part to convey the contents hereto to his/her travel companions or group members.No refund can be made to the customer for unused services, unused transportation, unused sightseeing, unconsumed meals included in the package, (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea) or for voluntary modifications made by the traveler.

These terms and consitions are subject to change without notice.

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