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How I Budget For Travel: 5 Tips to Save Your Dollars and See The World!

 Whoa, how fast did 2015 go? I feel like it FLEW by. Here’s to another awesome year filled with smiles, sightseeing and spending time with […]

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Top 10 List: Ten Last Minute Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Traveler

​I’ll admit it: It’s mid-December and I haven’t started holiday shopping. Yikes.I hate being a procrastinator, but I graciously ask for a tiny break; working a […]

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It’s 2015 and I Just Became A Travel Agent. Here’s Why.

I’ve written similar posts before, but it’s a question I get a lot.   Imagine the setting:  I’m living in New York City, happily employed […]

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Three Big Signs a Destination Wedding is Right For You

When my fiancé Matt and I got engaged, we debated many options for our wedding: Did we want a big, traditional church wedding?A small, quirky […]

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Geography Lesson: The Wonderfully Diverse Caribbean Islands!

Subtitle:  No, they are not all the same.  I promise. How about a little geography lesson? Not everyone will be into this, but I think some […]

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Five Quick Tips for Easier Holiday Air Travel

The holiday season is here! Bring on the warm fuzzy feelings, the joy, the carols, the food… and of course the stress. The lists. The bills. […]

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My Favorite Travel Tech & a Small Business Saturday Giveaway!

Well, this week didn’t exactly go as planned. I had grandiose dreams of a week of blog posts and giveaways, but the gods of technology […]

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Deciphering Travel Deals and Scams: Getting What You Paid For

This post was inspired by a real-life conversation I had with my cousin.  Tyler recently asked me to research a trip for him and his […]

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Working With a Travel Agent: 5 Tips to Get it Right!

So why should I use a travel agent anyway?  That’s a common question and I want to address it head on.  Here are my top tips for […]

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Destination Wedding Travel Agent

Ashley Morris is a former NYC ad exec turned travel advisor and owner of Alpaca Your Bags Travel.

Alpaca Your Bags Travel is an award winning boutique travel agency specializing in destination weddings, honeymoons & group travel.

A lover of puns, chilaquiles and a good packing cube, Ashley lives with her husband Matt and their ever growing menagerie in the Kansas City, MO area. The current animal count is two dogs (Charlie & Sally) and two cats (Mork & Mindy), though Ashley is lobbying for a goat.

Ashley is a prolific Instagram poster. Follow her at @alpacabagstravel

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