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Destination Spotlight Barbados

Destination Spotlight: Barbados

Last month, we blogged about some of our favorite island destinations for a summer vacation. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be focusing on individual islands as […]

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Get your copy of the Ultimate Destination Wedding guide for FREE!

If you missed our announcement, we wrote a book!  A real, live, honest-to-goodness book that is available on Amazon and wherever books are sold. If you’re curious […]

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Join Alpaca Your Bags Travel at Ivory Market Days!

Breaking news! Alpaca Your Bags Travel will have a booth at this year’s inaugural Ivory Market Days on June 24-25 in Warrensburg! A huge thank […]

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Wedding Software Review: Wedding Window

When Matt and I planned our destination wedding, we knew that a wedding website would be  the best solution for our needs. For our wedding, we […]

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Ask the Travel Agent: Where Ashley’s Going in 2017

As a travel agent, one of the most common questions I get is “Where are YOU going this year?”   What is that saying about the […]

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5 Surprising Ways A Travel Agent Can Save Money on Your Family Vacation

Planning a family vacation is a big undertaking… and a big expense. Flights, accommodations, souvenirs and excursions can add up faster than you can say […]

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Our Top 7 Summer Vacation Destinations for 2017

Summer is just around the corner. Warm weather is calling my name…and so is sand, water, and relaxation. Anyone with me?! Summer is the season […]

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Should I have a Destination Wedding

Is a Destination Wedding Right For You? Let’s Find Out!

3 REASONS WHY ALL-INCLUSIVE RESORT WEDDINGS ARE SO POPULAR Congratulations!  If you’ve made it this far, you might be a little bit curious about a […]

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TSA PreCheck and Global Entry: How to skip security AND immigration lines for good!

If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ve undoubtedly had the near-universal experience of enduring a TSA security line or an immigration line upon re-entry to your […]

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Ashley Morris selected as a 2017 Romance Travel Forum Delegate

Ashley Morris selected as a 2017 Romance Travel Forum Delegate We’re thrilled to announce that Alpaca Your Bags Travel will be represented at the 2017 […]

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Destination Wedding Travel Agent

Ashley Morris is a former NYC ad exec turned travel advisor and owner of Alpaca Your Bags Travel.

Alpaca Your Bags Travel is an award winning boutique travel agency specializing in destination weddings, honeymoons & group travel.

A lover of puns, chilaquiles and a good packing cube, Ashley lives with her husband Matt and their ever growing menagerie in the Kansas City, MO area. The current animal count is two dogs (Charlie & Sally) and two cats (Mork & Mindy), though Ashley is lobbying for a goat.

Ashley is a prolific Instagram poster. Follow her at @alpacabagstravel

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