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Looking for the easiest, low-stress Destination Wedding experience? GO ALL INCLUSIVE!

The best all inclusive properties can provide an amazing, easy experience for you and your guests. Today’s All Inclusive Resorts offer a ton of value and ease for your group. Food and drink is just the beginning.

With literally hundreds of choices in the most popular beach destinations,  there is an All Inclusive resort for every taste, budget and need. If you’re looking for a modestly priced family property OR a 5 star luxury experience, we have your back.

If your last “all inclusive” experience was a cheap Spring Break resort, it’s time to update your perceptions!

All Inclusive Resort Excursions Included
Jamie & Jeremy’s Wedding guests enjoying their INCLUDED Dolphin Swim Experience!

The Benefits of an ALL INCLUSIVE Resort for your Destination Wedding

​Benefit #1 – All Inclusive resorts provide the easiest, budget-friendly way for you guests to travel.

With an All Inclusive resort Destination Wedding, guests only worry about ONE price, one budget and one destination.  If you are trying to make your destination wedding as simple as possible, All Inclusive is the way to go.  Trust me, your guests will thank you for it!

Benefit #2 – All Inclusive resorts can accommodate a wide variety of budgets.

Destination Weddings bring a wide variety of loved ones together…. family, friends, coworkers and more. All Inclusive resorts offer everything from basic rooms all the way up to luxury suites. When you go All Inclusive, everyone can travel based on their own budget. There is no pressure or obligation spend above their means. 

Benefit #3 – All Inclusive resorts allow everyone to stop thinking about money and start thinking about fun. 

When all of your food, drink, activities and more are included, there’s no need to stress about the wallet. Your guests can stop worrying about spending and start focusing on what’s important, enjoying a great time with you!

Benefit #4 – All Inclusive resorts allow people to try new things without focusing on price.

Curious to try a new food?  Want to taste the latest drink that everyone is raving about?  Not sure if stand up paddleboarding is for you? All Inclusive resorts make this super simple… just go for it! When everything is included, even the most timid can become adventurous. 

Benefit #5 – With an All Inclusive resort, there’s no logistical stress or added transportation costs.

When all of your guests are at the same place, there’s no need for schedules & transportation headaches. Planning multiple events like a welcome party and a day-after brunch?  With everything in the same place, you don’t need to worry about how guests will get from point A to point B.

Benefit #6 – At the right All Inclusive resort, activities, excursions, spa and MORE can be included.

Did you know that the best all inclusive properties include credit for excursions, activities, even spa treatments?  This is a great way to add some extra fun for your guests AND be kind to their wallets.

Benefit #7 – All Inclusive Resorts can keep guests entertained.

Not sure how to fill the time a group of 50? Worried about how different groups will mingle and get along? All Inclusive resorts can provide nightly shows & entertainment to keep the party going.

Benefit #8 – Trying to limit costs for your guests?  All Inclusive resorts include the little extras like room service, mini bars and gratuities.

Have you ever ordered room service at a regular hotel? Have you ever broken into that mini-bar, only to be surprised by a $10 charge for nuts?  If so, you know those extra charges can add up! An All Inclusive resort is a great way to help your guests manage extra, unexpected costs. When everything is included, everyone can indulge and relax. 

Benefit #9 – The best All Inclusive resorts provide a safe, secure environment for guests.

The best All Inclusive resorts are in gated communities with controlled access points and security. Guests can rest easier knowing that these safety measures are in place. 

Benefit #10 – All Inclusive Resorts own some of the best beachfront locations in the most popular destinations.

Looking for the perfect stretch of beach to say “I do?”  Today’s all inclusive resort brands are actively expanding, buying up the best available beachfront locations in the most popular destinations.  

Benefit #11 – All Inclusive Resorts have dedicated wedding teams to plan your ceremony and reception. 

Don’t want to sweat the details? The best all inclusive resorts have experienced wedding professionals to plan your big event. You will be assigned your own personal wedding coordinator to plan every detail, big and small! 

Benefit #12 – All Inclusive Resort Weddings are a one stop shop for wedding vendors.

With a traditional hotel, wedding vendors (cake, flowers, DJ, etc.) are NOT included. It is up to you – the couple – to wrangle and manage the various service providers. With the added complexity of planning an event in a foreign country, a traditional (non-AI) hotel can actually be MORE challenging than an at-home wedding. Save yourself the stress and go all inclusive!

Benefit #13 – All Inclusive Resorts have relationships with the best wedding vendors and suppliers.

Want to go above and beyond what the resort offers for a wedding package? The right All Inclusive resort plans events all the time – they already have great relationships with the best local wedding vendors and service providers. Let the professionals help you customize and personalize your big day!

Benefit #14 – All Inclusive Resorts allow you to focus on what’s important – you, your fiance and your guests.

Since you’re not burdened with managing hundreds of details, you get to relax and enjoy this amazing time with your loved ones. 

Benefit #15 – All Inclusive Resorts Give your Guests a Vacation Too.

Most Destination Wedding guests stay an average of 4-5 nights in destination. Many guests choose to make this their family vacation for the year. By having a destination wedding, you’re giving your guests the gift of a pre-planned, stress free vacation! 

BONUS Benefit! If you aren’t sure that All Inclusive is for you, do it for your guests!

After the wedding is over, we can book you and your new spouse (!) at a nearby boutique property. Two vacations in one!

Ashley Morris

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